Entertaining Friends.

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Entertaining guests brings people together, lets us share our skills and makes us feel good. When we first start thinking about having guests in our home, we can be excited by the possibilities and how wonderful it can be for all involved. Although hosting and entertaining friends can be extremely rewarding, it’s also a balancing act to make sure we are accommodating to everyone involved. It is important to remember when hosting guests or a party that we can’t please everyone, but we can sure can do our best. Here's a couple of things to remember!

Food – When it comes to food, there are plenty of cost- effective options. Making sure there is enough food is important when catering, especially if some of your guests are vegan or vegetarian. In some cases, you may choose to only provide snacks for your guests and ask them to bring their own food (i.e. meat or a salad for a BBQ)

Your home – Tidy up and present your home. When having people over, you want to be able to show off where you live to your guests and this means showing off how tidy it can be. Everyone knows that the home can get dirty, but it doesn’t have to be like that all the time. Hide unnecessary clutter and clean the main access areas such as kitchen, bathroom and living areas. It’s also a great idea to make clean-up easy on your guests. Easily distinguishable bins and recycling as well as paper plates not only make cleaning a breeze but also take the stress of you as a host. Make sure you have some music playing for when your guests arrive.


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