Spending and saving money.

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Spending money helps us feel good. Saving money makes us feel restricted. After all, it’s your money, you can do what you want with it right? The tough truth is that in order to survive in the big bad world, we need some cash and some savings because otherwise our overall health will deteriorate fast.

As a basic need, humans require shelter, food, and healthy relationships. While you may be able to pay for all these things in the short term, long term you will end up short on cash and nothing to show for it. Although saving money can be a struggle in the short term, the long benefits are substantial! Saving can help you reach that financial goal that you have been striving for, whether it be a new t-shirt, video game, car or a house, saving money for some of these things can be beneficial in so many ways beyond just getting what you want. Saving can help you to develop more confidence, knowledge, and experience in handling money and working towards some of those big-ticket items.

Putting money aside into a savings account can also be beneficial if you ever have anything pop up as an emergency such as health conditions. Believe it or not, saving money can also lower your anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Some easy and simple tips to help get you on your way include start a budget, pay off your debts, plan your meals or even track your spending.

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