Sharing the Road with other Vehicles.

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When we get in our car to drive, we know exactly what to expect from our vehicle and our driving. What we often don’t think about, is other drivers and in particular, other vehicles. Some people are driving for personal use and some people drive for work such as delivery drivers. Road users such as taxi drivers and truck drivers are actually referred to, by law, as ‘professional drivers'.

The best thing we can do as road users when sharing the road is to maintain our own safety and obey the road rules at all times. Heavy vehicles are large, not very manoeuvrable, can't stop quickly and are often slow moving, particularly in the city. Give them space, keep a safe following distance of three to four seconds or more between you and large vehicles to help avoid dangerous situations, such as sudden stops, a tire blowout or a wide truck turn. Remember, if you can't see the trucks/buses mirrors, they can't see you.

Whenever we see an emergency vehicle with its lights or sirens on, we must remember, they have right of way when on the road. Never follow an emergency vehicle or try to pass one whilst on the road and always proceed with caution. It is commonly understood that you should always pull over to the left and let an ambulance, fire engine or police car pass you. When you see the lights or hear the sirens of an emergency vehicle, quickly and safely pull over to the side of the road and wait until they pass.

Many drivers find it frustrating having to negotiate the road and other drivers whilst also having to determine the safety of a bicycle rider. The fact of the matter is that bicycle riders have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers and motorcycle riders. It is a responsibility of drivers to watch out for bicycle riders, as they are smaller than cars and are harder to see. Bicycle riders also have the right, like other vehicles, to travel on roads and be shown courtesy and care by other road users.

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