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Having a garden can be extremely rewarding however it requires a little bit of time and responsibility, especially if you are in living in a rental property. When renting, it is important to maintain the garden regularly to ensure cleanliness and to also ensure you are looking after the house as per your tenancy agreement. Keeping a clean yard also deters bugs and rodents as well robbers or strangers.

Growing food at home is a fun, rewarding and satisfying experience plus it can save you lots of money in the long run. Having a garden at home however is a responsibility much like owning a pet and you must make sure you take care of it regularly. The easiest and simplest way to grow produce from home is in the form or a vegetable garden. If you have permission from the real estate, you may be able to dig directly into the ground or you may also want to use planter boxes to grow your food. Some of the easiest and simplest things to grow at home are herbs. Herbs are not only great to have readily available in the kitchen, but they also aid in good health as well as keeping away certain bugs, but they also smell great!

If you don’t have the space or the time to grow produce outdoors, there are heaps of options for growing food indoors.

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